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Tajima Plastic Cutter (LC-701)

Tajima Plastic Cutter (LC-701)

  • Suited for cutting plastic, acrylic, plaster boards etc.
  • Ultra sharp acrylic cutter which is able to cut up to a thickness of 6 mm for acrylic sheets 
  • Extra replacement blades can be stored within the blade storage found at the back of the cutter handle
  • Unique cutting tool especially suited for cutting hard plastics and acrylic which are otherwise hard to cut 
  • Ergonomic grip for ease of use and handling - reducing user fatigue and discomfort 
  • Blade is made of high carbon steel which is hard and durable to last you for a long time 
  • Replacement blade: Tajima Plastic Cutter Blade (LCB-70A) (Price: $5.56 incl. GST, found in another listing on our website)

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