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V-Multifunctional Work Light

V-Multifunctional Work Light


🔦 Introducing the V-Multifunctional Work Light 🔦

🎯 Versatile and Powerful Light Source
🔆 Adjustable Color Temperature: 2700K to 6500K
🌈 128 White Light SMD and 128 White Yellow SMD

🔅 Three Adjustable Brightness Modes
💡 750LM, 1500 LM, and 3000LM
⚡ Optimal Illumination for Various Tasks

🔋 Built-in Lion Battery
🔋 Capacity: 3.7V 10000mAh
⏰ Long-Lasting Performance

🔌 Multifunctional - Works as a Power Bank
📱 Charge Your Phone On-the-Go
🔌 Type-C and USB Ports for Convenient Charging

🔄 Telescopic Base
🔍 Adjust the Angle and Direction of Light
🎚️ Customize Lighting as Per Your Requirements

💡 Maximum Output: 3000LM
🔝 Reliable and Efficient for Various Applications
🛠️ Perfect for Working in Dimly Lit Areas
⚠️ Great for Emergency Lighting During Power Outages

Illuminate your workspace with the V-Multifunctional Work Light! Experience versatility, power, and efficiency all in one tool. Whether you're working on a project, need emergency lighting, or charging your phone on-the-go, this work light is the ultimate solution! Get yours now and see the difference it makes! 💼🔦💡

  • Tech Specs

    Specification Details
    Product Name V-Multifunctional Work Light
    Light Source 128* White Light SMD
      128* White Yellow SMD
    Color Temperature 2700K-6500K
    Adjustable Brightness 3 Modes: 750LM / 1500 LM / 3000LM
    Battery Capacity Lion Battery: 3.7V 10000mAh
    Charging Input Type-C 3.7V-1.5A
    Charging Output USB 5V-2A
    Telescopic Base Yes
    Power Bank Function Yes (for charging phone)
    Max Lumens 3000LM