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Irwin Self-Retracting Safety Utility Knife (1050822) Front View

Irwin Self-Retracting Safety Utility Knife (1050822)

  • Spring return shuttle ensures blade automatically retracts at the end of a cutting operation to ensure maximum level of safety 
  • Strong diecast aluminium body with 19 degree angled nose for a comfortable cutting experience and to reduce user fatigue 
  • Multi-functional design which allows for two blade settings (normal use and box cutter) - highly versatile and convenient
  • Magnetised blade holder to prevent the blade from falling out and injuring others in the process - more secure fitting 
  • Captive bale screw which enables the blade to be changed easily without the intervention of other tools - extremely convenient and time-saving
  • Built-in blade storage which is able to store up to three blades - users can conveniently change their blades as required 

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