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Hozelock Multi-Spray Spray Gun (2676)

Hozelock Multi-Spray Spray Gun (2676)

  • Compact design for easy storage and stable grip 
  • Five spray patterns for users to choose from - cone, fan, fast fill, fine rose, jet 
  • Quick connect male connector allows users to connect to the Hozelock system easily 
  • Flow control can be adjusted easily according to your needs and preferences
  • Front trigger, on/off lock button and flow control button are all located at a convenient location for users to easily operate single-handedly - extremely convenient 
  • Made from high quality materials for durability 
  • Comes with a quick connector for fast changing between watering tools 
  • Attaches to tools and other accessories easily 
  • Water tight to reduce water wastage and eliminates chances of irregular or unstable water flow 
  • Don't have to keep pressing on the On/Off trigger during use - the On/Off lock holds the trigger down when watering a large area or for a long time 

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