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HB Fuller Firesound Fire Rated Sealant Front View

HB Fuller Firesound Fire Rated Sealant

  • Flexible water-based construction sealant
  • Formulated to act as a barrier to the passage of both fire and sound through construction joints and service penetrations in concrete, aerated concrete, block work, brick work, and fire-rated plasterboard
  • Benefits & Functions

    • Accommodates up to +/- 20% joint movement
    • Fire rated for up to 4 hours in joints up to 50 mm 
    • Expands to compensate for deflection of building elements that result from exposure to extreme heat or fire
    • Non-hazardous, free from solvents, isocyanates and asbestos
    • Excellent acoustic performance 
    • Paintable
    • UV stable
  • Application Suggestions

    • Sealing interior and exterior construction joints that are subject to movement in pre-cast concrete panels, block work, brickwork, aerated concrete and fire-rated plasterboard
    • Gaps around cables, metal pipes, conduits, and busways that penetrate walls, floors and ceilings

    Suited for use on: 

    • Concrete
    • Aerated concrete
    • Mortar
    • Brick
    • Masonry
    • Fire-rated plasterboard
    • Aluminium
    • Steel (inlcuding stainless steel)
    • Zinc/galvanised steel
    • Cable coverings (PVC)


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