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Gardena Microdrip Starter Set Flower Pot M-Size (G13002)

Gardena Microdrip Starter Set Flower Pot M-Size (G13002)

  • Comes with: 
    • 1x Water control flex
    • 1x Master unit 1000 
    • 1x Connecting pipe (15 m)
    • 1x Supply pipe (10 m)
    • 7x Adjustable endline drip 
    • 9x Inline drip head
    • 10x Reducing T-joint
    • 4x end caps
    • 25x Pipe pegs
    • 1x Cleaning needle 
  • Use for 7 flower pots or 3 planters
  • Immediately ready-to-use, do not require any other installtions or extra tools to set up - the Gardena Micro Drip-System Starter Set Plant Pots M includes all the main componnents needed for water-saving irrigation of plant pots on balconies and patios
  • Amount of water supplied to each plant pot can be accurately and individually controlled using the Micro Drip-System drip irrigation function - helps to conserve water as well
  • Patented "Quick and Easy" connection technology promises easy set-up and conversion of the irrigation system as well as permanently tight pipe connection to eliminate occurrences of unstable water flow or water wastage 
  • Made in Germany