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Acision Infrared Thermometer (IRT3101)

Acision Infrared Thermometer (IRT3101)

  • Ideal for measuring surface temperatures of rotating, hard-to-reach, electrically live, or dangerously hot objects etc.
  • Able to take accurate temperature readings in less than one second
  • Automatically switches off in 20 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life to provide longer run time
  • Runs on 9V battery
  • Not for use on humans
  • Technical Data

    Temperature range - 50 to 580 degree celsius
    Distance to spot ratio 13:1
    Emissivity Adjustable 0.1 - 1.0
    IR Temperature Resolution 0.1C/Farenheit

    +/- 2%

    +/- 2 degree celsius per degree Farenheit

    Auto power off In 20 seconds of inactivity
    Power supply 9V battery


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