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Meite Air Nail Gun (F32) Side View

Meite Air Nail Gun (F32)



  • Lightweight and well-balanced deisgn to allow users to use the tool with ease even in constrained workspaces
  • Industrial grade tool which is ergonomically designed for better drive performance and reduce chances of fastener jams
  • Adjustment of depth of drive is tool-free, thus making exact setting of nail heads for accuracy is much easier
  • Tool is suited for use in a range of applications such as for installation of windows and doors, cabinets, interior decor, etc.
  • Technical Data

    Weight: 1.25 kg

    Compatible with fasteners (18 Gauge Brad Nails) of:

    • Length:3/8" to 1-1/4"
    • Width x Thickness: 1.25 mm x 1 mm
    • Collation type: glued strip

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