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Meite Air Random Orbit Sander (MT-5105)

Meite Air Random Orbit Sander (MT-5105)

SKU: MT-5105
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MT-5105 Meite Air  Random Orbit Sander

  • High Efficiency: The meite MT-5105 Air Sander sands at 10,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). It is much more efficient than traditional manual grinding and shortens your working time.
  • Ergonomic: The grip fits in the palm for easy one-handed operation and reduces fatigue. And the switch is activated by pressing down naturally with the palm of the hand.
  • Comfort: Lightweight, small size, and low height of the sander allow the user to get closer to the work surface for better control and greatly reduce vibration.
  • Convenience: Buckle bottom plate design for quick disassembly sanding pad to replace the sandpaper.
  • Application: Suitable for sanding, grinding, and polishing of wood, metal, paint, plastic, glass fiber, and other materials in auto repair, furniture industry, etc. It can reduce the surface roughness.
  • Technical Specifications

    Pad Diameter 5 Inch/127mm
    Rotating Speed 10,000 RPM
    Power Source Air-Powered
    Air Consumption 6.35 CFM
    Air Inlet 1/4 Inch
    Air Pressure  90 PSI