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Makita Super Heavyweight Champion Belt Set (P-71897)

Makita Super Heavyweight Champion Belt Set (P-71897)

SKU: P-71897


  • Made from a combination of tough nylon and high grade, plus synthetic stitching and riveted reinforcement
  • Fits any Makita pouch or holster
  • Inlcudes multiple lining layers mobile phone holder to provide extra protection to users' mobile phones
  • Fully padded by 3D mesh breathable material for added user comfort when carrying heavy tools
  • Three metal rings for supporting braces when overloaded
  • Perfectly positioned wide mouth deep pockets hold plenty of fixings and provide quick tool recognition which are easy to get into
  • Riveted for true industrial strength with galvanised washers top and bottom
  • Stainless steel hammer holder swings to keep the hammer at a comfortable angle
  • Unique design of drill holster is suited for left and right-handed users
  • Designed to hold mains powered or cordless drills, with a leather securing strap
  • Technical Data

    Height 340 mm
    Length 865 mm
    Weight 1.58 kg
    Capacity 2.7 L