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LanternGrip Rivets

LanternGrip Rivets


"LanternGrip" Tri-Grip Rivets. These innovative rivets offer a secure and durable fastening solution for a variety of applications. With their distinctive lantern-shaped design and reliable tri-grip mechanism, they ensure a strong and long-lasting connection. The small cap measures 4.8x20.8x9.6mm, while the large cap measures 4.8x20.8x12mm, providing versatility for different project requirements. Crafted from high-quality, rust-resistant materials, our LanternGrip Rivets are built to withstand the test of time. Experience the exceptional quality and performance of LanternGrip Rivets and elevate your projects to new heights of durability and precision.

  • Tech Specs

    Product Name LanternGrip Rivets
    Cap Sizes Small: 4.8x20.8x9.6mm
      Large: 4.8x20.8x12mm
    Material High-plasticity, rust-resistant metal
    Durability Long-lasting and reliable