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Karcher Foam Jet (FJ6)

Karcher Foam Jet (FJ6)

  • Suited for cleaning of all surfaces such as paint, glass and stone
  • Ideal for use on vehicles, winter gardens, garden furniture, facades, stairways, caravans, paths, walls, etc. 
  • Container capacity of approximately 0.6 litres
  • To apply the foam for cleaning of surfaces, simply pour Karcher detergent directly into the foam nozzle, attach the nozzle to the gun 
  • Detergent dose can be easily adjusted on the foam nozzle using the yellow knob 
  • Jet level may also be adjusted according to needs and preference
  • Sutied for use with all Karcher pressure washers from the K2 - K7 setries, as well as with Karcher ultra foam cleaner
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 93 x 201 x 184 mm

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