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Bosch Jigsaw Blade T101BR

Bosch Jigsaw Blade T101BR


The T 101 BR Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blade is designed to deliver clean and straight cuts in wood. It features precision-ground teeth with a taper-ground body, ensuring precise and clean results. Made from high carbon steel, this blade is suitable for cutting softwood and non-abrasive woodworking materials. It is compatible with all T-shank jigsaws.

Key Features:

  • Clean cuts in softwood and non-abrasive woodworking materials.
  • High carbon steel material for durability and cutting efficiency.
  • Reverse tooth design for tear-free cuts on the top surface.
  • Fine progressive tooth pitch (2.5 mm) for cutting woodworking materials with a thickness ranging from 3 to 30 mm.
  • Tech Specs

    Packaging Type Paper/Cardboard/Corrugated board - Packaging, folded carton, with Euro hole
    Pack Quantity 5 Pcs
    Material High Carbon Steel (HCS)
    Tooth Design Ground teeth and taper ground
    Total Length [mm] 100
    Tooth Spacing [mm] 2.5
    Areas of Application Softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood, fiber boards (3-30 mm), laminated panels, clean surface
    Recommended Min. Material Thickness [mm] 3
    Recommended Max. Material Thickness [mm] 30
    Type T 101 BR

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