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Hitachi 16mm Impact Wrench with Brushless Motor (WR16SE)

Hitachi 16mm Impact Wrench with Brushless Motor (WR16SE)


Features of the WR16SE Impact Wrench with Brushless Motor: 

  • Compact body with improved handling - substantially down-sized and weight-reduced due to its brushless motor technology
    • 32 mm shorter than the conventional model WR16SA(S)
    • 0.3 kg lighter than the conventional model WR16SA(S)
  • Better performance at voltage drops - Continually monitors power and load, providing stable torque even with extension cord use
  • Maintenance-free - no carbon brush to replace + longer service life and maintenance-free
  • With soft start and braking suppresses kickback 
  • Adjustable impact rate (tightening torque) according to applications - with tightening mode switch function, impact tool can be used for a wide variety of tasks (refer to 2nd picture; image taken from Hikoki)
  • Can be used with an engine generator
  • Electronic switch - less pulling force and smooth stroke for fine control 
  • Bumper and Housing protector - bumper protects the hammer case, housing protector protects peripheral of the housing 
  • Soft grip reduces slippage and fits comfortably in the hand
  • Technical Data

    Capacity: ordinary bolt 12 - 22 mm (15/32 - 7/8")
    Capacity: high tension bolt 12 - 16 mm (15/32 - 5/8")
    Square drive 1/2" (12.7 mm)
    Tightening torque 360 Nm (3,180 in. - lbs.)
    Power input  370 W
    No load speed (max) 1,600/min
    No load speed (high) 1,400/min
    No load speed (medium) 1,300/min
    No load speed (low) 1,100/min
    Impact rate (max) 1,900/min
    Impact rate (high)  1,700/min
    Impact rate (medium) 1,500/min
    Impact rate (low) 1,300/min
    Overall length 228 mm (9")
    Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)
    Vibration total values (triax vector sum)

    Vibration emission value ah = 17.0 m/s^2

    Uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s^2

    Standard accessories Case, hook