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Everwin 40mm Wide Crown Stapler (SN40P)

Everwin 40mm Wide Crown Stapler (SN40P)



  • Heavy-duty
  • Capable of meeting the demands of a range of applciations
  • Constructed of magnesium frame and investment-casted components for added durability, allows the tool to deliver extreme performance
  • Built-in "Shingle Guide" - helps ensure staples are placed in an optimal angle
  • Jam-proof technology - minimises jams to help keep operation downtime at minimal for the highest work efficiency and productivity
  • All-steel construction increases tool lifespan
  • Proven toughness through the accelerated drop-test 
  • Flexible trigger options which are available in sequential and trigger fire modes
  • Magnesium housing is lightweight yet durable for user comfort and reduced user fatigue while enjoying longer tool lifespan
  • Industrial jam clearing - exclusive rear jam-clearance design
  • High speed operation - actuates up to 15 to 20 cycles per second
  • Technical Data

    Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 363 x 94 x 251 mm
    Operating pressure 5 - 8 bar (70 - 120 psi)
    Driving power  397 (in-lbs @ 100psi)
    Air consumption 0.9 L/sec @90psi (1.9 cfm)
    Fastener specification  
    Type 16 GA. Paslode GSW / Prebena WT
    Loading capacity 160 
    Shank type Smooth
    Staple length 19 - 40 mm 
    Staple crown width 23.8 mm
    Staple wire diameter 1.6 x 1.4 mm


  • Application Suggestions

    • Roofing
    • Furniture framing
    • For use on foam insulation board

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