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Duro Master System (DMS II/2A)

Duro Master System (DMS II/2A)

  • This set consists of the following components: 
    • Padlock for metal gate (Art.338)
    • Dead bolt cylinder for wooden door (Art.668/A)
    • A set of 4 keys (2 metal and 2 plastic heads) 
  • Duro locks are built with a revolutionary 12-pin cylinder system which ensures complete locking protection, protecting your house and mailbox from potential theft activities 
  • Duro's highly secure mechanism uses 2 rows of 6 anti-drilling pins of varying lengths and double-grooves, making their locks nearly impossible to pick by thieves, thus this makes their locks even more trustworthy and safe 
  • Duro's patented 12-pin cyclinder system offers users myriad key combinations curated to be used with a large number of locks (e.g. profile cylinders, deadbolt cylinders, cam locks and padlocks, etc.) 
  • One key system capability - one key open all - reduces the hassle of going through your bag/bunch of keys for different locks, extremely convenient 

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