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Dongcheng 4V1H Laser Level

Dongcheng 4V1H Laser Level



  • Self-levelling within 3 degrees
  • Beyond the range alarm system when the gadget is detected to be out of self-levelling range
  • 360-degrees swivel base with a spinner, allowing the gadget to quickly identify its targets 
  • Technical Data

    Laser diode 520 nm
    Centering laser diode 650 nm
    Vertical accuracy +/- 1 (5m office)
    Horizontal accuracy +/- 1 (5m office)
    Auto-levelling range +/- 3 degrees
    Horizontal angle 120 degrees
    Vertical angle 120 degrees
    Width of laser line 2.5 mm (5m office)
    Power supply 3x 1.5 V AA-size alkaline batteries
    Operating temperature  - 10 degree celsius - 40 degree celsius


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