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Bosch 8-12 TPI Progressor for Wood T-Shank Jigsaw Blades (T234X) Front View

Bosch 8-12 TPI Progressor for Wood T-Shank Jigsaw Blades (T234X)


The T234X Progressor for Wood Jigsaw Blade for use in thick or thin wood delivers clean straight cuts. Patented progressive tooth design produces fast cuts and long life in thick and thin materials. T-shank design for maximum grip and stability which fits 90% of all current jigsaws makes and models. 


  • Tooth geometry with a progressively increasing tooth pitch allows for use in materials with a wide range of densities
  • Combination of taper-ground body, precision-ground teeth and multiple-ground Japan Tooth geometry enables clean cutting 
  • Fits all T-shank jigsaws 
  • Technical Data

    Characteristic Detail
    Application Thick/thin, hard/soft woods including laminated particle board, OSB, plywood and particle board
    Blade height 0.38"
    Blade length 4.5
    Blade thickness 0.06"
    Jigsaw blade type Jigsaw T-Shank
    Material High carbon steel
    Overall length 4.5
    Quantity  5 per pack
    Teeth per inch 8 - 12 progressive teeth
    Tooth design Ground teeth and taper ground back
    Type Progressor for Wood
    Type of cut Straight, accurate, splinter free cuts
    Working length 3-17/32"


  • Benefits & Functions

    Why choose the T234X blade?

    • Patented Progressor tooth design provides superior performance in speed and cleanliness of cut
    • Ideal for fast and clean cuts through thick and thin wood
    • Ground teeth for superior speed and cleanliness and taper ground backing for increased blade life
    • Tip engineered for easy plunge cuts
    • High carbon steel material for long life in wood