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Black Bosch 6M High Pressure Hose

Bosch 6M High Pressure Hose


The Bosch 6M High pRessure Hose is a replacement hose for easy, universal aquatak ranges

  • 6-metre hose length
  • Features push-fit connections for a simple and fast set-up 
  • Hose resists twisting for easily handling during use 
  • Compatabile with EasyAquatak, UniversalAquatak, AQT 33-10, AQT 33-11, AQT 35-12, AQT 37-13, AQT 40-13, AQT 42-13
  • Technical Data

    Characteristic Detail
    Positioning  130 bar replacement high pressure hose
    Product category subdivision System accessories
    Usage level Universal
    Part no.  F016800360


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