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Assure White First Aid Kit Front View

Assure First Aid Kit Box A (For 25 PAX)


The Assure First Aid Kit (BOX A) caters to a maximum of 25 people

Consists of the following supplies:

  • 1x First Aid Box (ABS Plastic Material)
  • 1x Hints on First Aid
  • 1x Crepe Bandage (5 cm x 4.5 m)
  • 1x Crepe Bandage (10 cm x 4.5 m)
  • 2 pairs of Disposable Sterile Latex Gloves
  • 20x First Aid Plaster Strips
  • 50x Sterile Gauze Swabs (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm) (comes in 10 packs of five)
  • 10x safety pins
  • 1 pair of scissors 
  • 1x Sterile Surgical Tape (1/2" x 10 yds)
  • 4x Triangular Bandage
  • 5x 20ml Sterile Water
  • 1x One Way Valve Resuscitation Mask
  • 2x Eye shields
  • 2x Eye pads
  • 1x Torch light

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