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Araldite Rapid Steel Epoxy Adhesive Front View

Araldite Rapid Steel Epoxy Adhesive

  • Strong, long-lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water-resistant and can be painted or sanded
  • Suited for jobs on metal like plumbing, car bodywork, gates and windows
  • Bonds most types of metal materials (e.g. steel, galvanised steel, cast iron, aluminium, iron, copper and brass) 
  • Can also bond non-metallic materials (e.g. ceramic, wood and glass)
  • Ensure surfaces are clean and free from dust, corrosion, dirt and grease
  • To ensure optimum bonding, slightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper and degrease metals with a suitable solvent
  • Benefits & Functions

    • Sets in 4 minutes, giving long worklife
    • Ideal for large assembly or many components 
    • Original heavy duty Araldite, formulated to survive in most conditions

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