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Aiguru Laser Level Meter (AGR-LD5105-4B1H) Front View

Aiguru Laser Level Meter (AGR-LD5105-4B1H)



  • Laser-beam lines can be rotated horizontally at any angle till a max of 360 degrees by turning the head of the unit
  • Mounting thread for connecting to the tripod is provided as well
  • Adopts Blue Laser Technology to enhance measurement accuracy 
  • 5 laser lines provide full measurement coverage 
  • Technical Data

    Laser type and colour

    Colour: Green laser lines

    635 nm <1 mW (Laser Class 2)

    Line - width 2.5 mm/7 m
    Laser beam line

    Vertical and horizontal: +/- 1mm/ 7mm

    Right angle: +/- 0.25 degrees (+/- 1mm/3 mm)

    Diameter of plumb laser: 1.5 mm


    3 modes: Vertical + Right Angle (Vertical) + Plumb Point (Floor) + Horizontal

    2 modes: Interior, exterior 

    Levelling range Plumb levelling: +/- 2.0 degrees
    Levelling accuracy +/- 1 mm/5 mm
    Power supply AA Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V)
    Operating time

    Horizontal: Approx. 20 hours

    Vertical: Approx. 9 hours

    Vertical + Horizontal: Approx. 7 hours

    Dimensions Diameter: 80 mm x Height: 190 mm
    Weight 1.2 kg
    Tripod mounting thread 5/8"


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