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M10 Digital Water Timer (WT-04)

M10 Digital Water Timer (WT-04)

  • High durability - made of high grade weather-proof plastic which can withstand tough environmental conditions
  • Programmable 4-cycle water timer - easy to program with intuitive controls and high contrast clear LCD screen for clear visibility of options and selections
  • Delivers up to 4 watering cycles daily 
  • Users are able to choose the watering days flexibly according to their needs and preferences 
  • Rain delay feature susspends pre-set watering for up to 6 days to prevent overwatering which can damage plants especially after rain events 
  • Water duration can be set between 1 min and 240 min
  • With manual ON/OFF button
  • Operayes on 2x AA alkaline batteries which are sold separately 
  • ECO function helps conserve water by optimising the amount of water used for watering plants throughout the day

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