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Kings Safety Shoe (KWD206) Replace KDW806

Kings Safety Shoe (KWD206) Replace KDW806

  • Material: Full grain leather
  • Type: Zip-up boot
  • Colour: Black
  • Sole is made of dual density PU material with a softer midsole so as to cushion against shock impacts
  • Light-weight design for added user comfort and allows users to move from places to places without much burden or weight on the legs
  • Slip-resistant PU sole provides users with more security when walking around in the boots especially in work environments with oil, water, acids, etc. 
  • Sole is also resistant to oils, acids and alkalis, thus boots have added durability and do not wear out easily
  • Anti-static properties
  • Upper portion of shoe is made of breathable non-woben fabric lining, which allows users to enjoy the maximum amount of comfort when wearing the boots for prolonged periods 
  • Anti-static insole board
  • Scuff cap for toe bumper protection
  • Extra wide 5-toe toecap gives users ample toe space for more comfort
  • Steel mid-sole insert is pierce resistant, thus providing user with more protection against potential piercing of nails or sharp objects into the feet 
  • cushioned insole made of extra thick full length fabric to provide shock absorption, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties for higher levels of hygiene 
  • Cushion remains spongy for added user comfort and reduced user fatigue when user wears the boots for prolonged periods of time
  • Easy to wear as users only need to zip up the boots - eliminating the need for laces