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Kapro Prolaser 2V1H Green Laser (873G)

Kapro Prolaser 2V1H Green Laser (873G)

  • 3 laser beams: 1 horizontal, 2 vertical with a 90 degrees intersection
  • Manual mode for angular layout/tilted marking
  • When laser is out of level, visual and audio signals will be given off to alert users 
  • Strong folding legs for angle mounting - extremely convenient 
  • Shock resistant rubber casing for added durability and long-lasting use
  • Runs on 3x AA batteries 
  • Suited for use in acoustic ceiling and drywall installations, aligning and framing doors and windows, leveling of electrical outlets, plumbing and studs, etc. 
  • Technical Data

    Indoor laser range 30m
    Outdoor laser range with detector 60 m
    Self leveling range +/- 3 degrees
    Accuracy 0.2 mm/m
    Laser class 2


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