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Dongcheng Heat Gun (Q1B-FF-2000)

Dongcheng Heat Gun (Q1B-FF-2000)

  • Fast heating and strong airflow 
  • Built in overheat protection system prolongs lifespan of the tool by minimising occurrence of overheating during usage
  • High and low temperature/airflow adjustments
  • Applications: For heating of paint or coating, removing it from wood or metal surfaces, removing adhesive material or decorations, relieving tight or rusted metal nut or screws, thawing the lock or frozen pipes, shrinking PVC packaging films and insulating tube, shrinking polyethylene material and softening the welding materials
  • Technical Data

    Rated power input 2,000 W
    Temperature (low temperature) 50 - 480 degree celsius
    Tempeature (high temperature) 50 - 600 degree celsius 
    Air flow (low temperature) 210 - 250 l/min
    Air flow (high temperature) 340 - 380 l/min
    Net weight 0.8 kg 
    Carbon brush Without carbon brush


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