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Dongcheng 4V1H Green Laser Level (FF04-41)

Dongcheng 4V1H Green Laser Level (FF04-41)



  • Vertical and horizontal tilt
  • Beyond the range alarm system
  • 360-degrees swivel base with a spinner, allowing the gadget to quickly identify its targets 
  • Automatic self-levelling
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Powerful laser - increased brightness of the laser line for ease of viewing, projection distance increased, centred cross
  • Technical Data

    Laser diode 520 nm
    Centering laser diode 650 nm
    Vertical accuracy +/- 1 (5m office)
    Levelling accuracy +/-1 (5m office)
    Auto-levelling range +/- 3 degrees
    Horizontal angle 120 degrees
    Vertical angle 120 degrees
    Width of laser line 2.5 mm (5m office)
    Power supply 1.5 V AA-size alkaline batteries
    Operating temperature -10 degree celsius - 40 degree celsius


  • Benefits & Functions

    • Receiver mode - allows for use with a receiver, maintaining full brightness for maximum visibility while extending the working range of the gadget to 30 metres
    • 360 degrees accurate fine adjustment - heavy-duty levelling base is fast and easy to set up and level. Locking pendulum helps prevent damage to its internal components and fine turning knobs enable users to fine tune adjust the level needed for work
    • Intelligent adjustment - Scanning mode makes work easier by improving visibility in work environments with bright lighting. Projects down beam with increased clearance. Provides dot visibility and alignment for applications involving wall track layout
    • 180 degrees abitrary angle adjustment - vertical line does not change and can be moved up and down with the help of a tripod stand. Users can hit the horizontal line to the ground, or to the ceiling depending on their applications. The horizontal line is able to move 180 degrees as well

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