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Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 High Pressure Washer Side View

Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 High Pressure Washer

SKU: Aquatak150

Tackle tough dirt with the high performance cleaning delivered by the Bosch Advanced Aquatak 150 High Pressure Washer! 

  • Quad pump technology - Quad pump delivers powerful 150-bar cleaning performance
  • Selection of nozzles offers versatile cleaning options, perfect for stubborn dirt
  • Easy set-up due to high-pressure hole reel and push-fit connections
  • 550-ml High Pressure Detergent Nozzle saves time by applying soap quickly 
  • Metal telescopic handle and large wheels enable greater mobility of the washer
  • Technical Data

    Characteristic Detail
    Motor power 2.200 W
    Max. pressure 150 bar
    Max. flow rate 480 l/h
    Inlet water temperature 40 degree celsius
    Self primming capability 0,5 m
    Detergent system High pressure foam
    Motor type Induction
    Pump type 4 cylinder
    Pump material All metal
    Cable length 5 m 
    Hose length 8 m
    Weight (without accessories) 21 kg
    Nozzles Fixed fan jet nozzle, variable fan, jet lance, roto lance


  • Benefits & Functions

    Why choose the Aquatak 150 High Pressure Washer?

    • Produces amazing cleaning performance
    • Compact and full of practical features
    • Built to last 
    • New compact, 4 cylinder, Quad pump producing extra power
    • Supplied with variable fan jet and roto nozzles for a range of heavy duty cleaning tasks
    • Can tackle large and difficult cleaning projects, such as walls, large vehicles, patios, driveways, swimming pools, and boats
    • Supplied with High Pressure Detergent System as standard for faster, more effective application
    • Supplied with new wide angle fan jet nozzle for faster rinsing and lighter cleaning tasks
    • Supplied with High Pressure Hose Reel and foot steady plate for faster, easier set up and use
    • Safe and convenient - In use-gun storage makes it possible to store the gun while using the high-pressure washer for safety and convenience

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