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Bosch 85mm Wood Circular Saw Blade (2608643071) Front View

Bosch 85mm Wood Circular Saw Blade (2608643071)


The Bosch 85mm Wood Circular Saw Blade is perfect for smaller, handheld circular saws. The blade is ideal for precise quality cuts in all standard woodworking applications, both interior and exterior works. This blade gives an extra thin cut with little exertion of force needed which makes it especially suitable for cordless saws such as the Bosch GKS 10.8 V-Li or GKS 12 V-Li models. 


Application: This blade is ideal for rip cuts and cross cuts in softwood, hardwood, raw chipboard, MDF, formwork boards and plywood.

  • Specification

    • Outer diameter: 85 mm
    • Bore size: 15 mm
    • Width of cut: 1.1 m 
    • Base blade thickness: 0.7 mm
    • Number of teeth: 20 
    • Tooth shape: ATB
    • Cutting result: 3
    • Hook angle: 14 degree
    • Relief angle: 14 degree